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No need to wait for the rain to be over, as our jackets will protect your children in the rain as well.

Knitted fabric in hemline protects against strong winds and long cut of the jacket helps to keep the back warm. Special “expanding” clothing that lasts not just for one but for two seasons. The jacket is fitted with high visibility reflective details, as for us safety comes first! The zippers are the real keepers, made to endure rougher treatment, because the adventures are not for the hesitant ones and the Earth keeps on spinning. With simple zipper closure to maximize the protection against bad weather and minimize the time needed to get dressed. No buttons used. 

Softshell jacket with fleece, fuchsia, flowers

    • for more than one season (expanding)
    • keeps warm in cold weather
    • waterproof
    • small zipper cover
    • zipper easy to manipulate for kids
    • with reflective details