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Softshell in a nutshell

Softshell is a must have item in kid’s outdoor closet. It is warm, soft and protects against strong wind and rain. Thanks to special membrane that prevents excessive sweating, catching a chill is a thing of the past, even when the sun is scorching. This makes softshell very practical to wear all year round keeping your kids warm and dry. The elasticity and lightness of this material ensures the maximum comfort when wearing.


The breathability of our products is in range of 3 000 g/m2/24 hours - 15 000 g/m2/24 hours . 

Our products have waterproof capacity ranging from 10 000 mm/H2O to 30 000 mm/H2O.

For specific level of waterproofness and breathability, please check the specific information for each product.

Thermoregulatory and wateproof

Thermoregulatory and waterproof

All year round - 4 types of softshell

Our softshell jackets and trousers can be worn all year round. To pick the right type of softshell for each weather, please follow our guide:

4 types softshell

Summer softshell consists of two layers: thermoactivated fabric and outer waterproofed material with a membrane.

Water column: 7 500 - 8 000 mm/H2O (waterproof)
Breathability: 2 000 g /m2/ 24 hours (dissipation of sweat)

Ideal for spring, summer and autumn.


Summer softshell 1/4 – It keeps you warm, but not overly hot. The material is wind and rainproof.


Spring/Autumn softshell with bamboo 2/4 - It will keep you warm, protects against wind and rain.

Spring softshell consists of three layers: outer layer is made from thick elasticated scuff-proof material with water-repellent properties. Inner layer is lined with knitted fabric with checkered structure (60% polyester, 40% bamboo). This bamboo knit is not scratchy but soft. Suitable even for the most sensitive skin.  

In-between outer and inner layer, there is a special windproofed membrane.

Water column: 10 000 - 30 000 mm/H2O (waterproof)
Breathability: 3 000 - 15 000 g /m2/ 24 hours (sweat dissipation)

Ideal for spring and autumn.

Softshell with fleece 3/4 – for cold days or winter – warm functional material with high level or thermal protection, rainproofed.

Thicker „winter” softshell fabric consists of three layers. The upper layer is an elasticated knitted fabric that is waterproof and scuff resistant. Inner layer is made of lovely soft fleece material that will keep your child warm and dissipate the moisture. In-between outer and inner layer, there is a special windproofed membrane.

Water column: 10 000 - 15 000 mm  (waterproof)

Breathability: 3 000 - 10 000 g /m2/ 24 hours. (dissipation of sweat)

Winter softshell is thicker than spring and summer softshell, suitable for chilly weather. Wind, rain and snow-proof.


Softshell with white wool-like fleece 4/4 – for the snowy/freezing weather.

Winter softshell insulated with white wool-like fleece consists of three layers. Outer layer is made of thick elasticated scuff-resistant material that is waterproof. On the inside, there is a white wool-like fleece that will keep you warm and effectively conducts any dampness outwards. In-between outer and inner layer, there is a special windproofed membrane.

Water column:  15 000 - 18 000 mm (waterproof)

Breathability: 10 000 - 12 000 g /m2/ 24 hours (dissipation of sweat)

Winter softshell insulated with white wool-like fleece is thicker than spring/summer/ winter softshell, suitable for chilly weather. Wind, rain and snow-proof.

Dream of every parent – resistant to abrasion and soiling.

Not only your kids are going to love it, but it will  make you smile as well. It is easy to maintain, any small accidents can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth. Of course, it is suitable for machine wash. This material withstands rougher treatment with no problem (well, we know how it will be treated in that playground).

Parent's dream
Baby Toes

Certified for children under the age of 3

The most important thing to add: The material is certified and safe to use even for a newborn.

Certified from birth


To maintain the properties of softshell clothing you can use your usual washing powder/capsules when washing these garments. Do not use fabric softener. Please do not dry softshell clothing in a dryer.

We do recommend impregnating your garment regularly to maintain the unique water-repellent properties of softshell material. By impregnating your garment on a regular basis, you are helping to maintain its water-repellent properties and the drops of water will simply fall off instead soaking into the fabric.

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